Shirtless muscle guy with pillars

July 23, 2006

Shirtless muscle guy with pillars

Extremely hot



  1. i wanna ride his cock till he come in me

  2. hey shirtless, you are smokin hot. send a pic

  3. this guy is so hot hes sizzling and such a hunk where have you been all my life

  4. I wanna suck his cock and fuck his tight hole,,,spit on it,,lube it with oil base lube and lube my hard dick and slid it in his craving clean pink hole.Finger his ass and loosen in with my spit and my caring soft fingers,,,make him happy and slid my hard cock inside and fuck him real good and hard.

  5. FUCK!! This guy is FUCKING HOTT!! 😀 OW!!

  6. very good.love you

  7. He is sizzling hot!I want to lick & kiss him from head to foot & of course he must lick my cock &fuck my ass coming deep inside me…

  8. DAMN! Micheal I totally agree! DAMN FINE! WOuld love to be in that ass caressing those muscles!!!

  9. All you guys are right except one. I dont take it in the ass but once again FUCKING HOTTIE!!

  10. Can someone plz tell me the name of this guy? I need to know!

  11. His name is Kyle Gibson. Lives in LA. Google his name.

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